Wallick Hotel

Manufacturer: Maddock Pottery Co.
User: Wallick Hotel
Date: 1913 - 1917
Notes: The Barrett House was located on the southeast corner of Broadway and 43rd streets in New York City. This eight-story, 510-room hotel was built circa 1880 and was the birthplace of Eugene O'Neill on Oct. 16, 1888.

Around 1905, the brothers Wallick, Louis C. and London I., purchased the hotel and called it The Cadillac Hotel. They renamed the hotel the Wallick Hotel sometime after 1913, as there is a 1918 Hotel Red Book listing for the hotel. Shortly after that, they sold the hotel and it became The Cadillac Hotel again. There was a decline in the hotel in the 1930s; it closed in 1939 and was razed in 1940.

White body with Art Nouveau-style floral bouquet border in shades of pink, green, purple, gold and royal blue. There is a center cameo of a young women encircled by a gold line border with the word "Wallick's" appearing beneath the cameo.

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