Welcome to the Restaurant Ware Collectors Network®

The RWCN is a community of Restaurant Ware collectors, sellers and buyers dedicated to research and identification of all kinds of commercial china. Please note that valuation is subjective, therefore we do NOT offer any types of valuation on the items we discuss and/or identify.

Areas of interest include transportation china (railroad, steamship, airline) and hotel ware (china produced for use in dining concerns such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, diners, burger joints, donut shops, inns, cafes, amusement parks, sporting concerns, country clubs, government concerns, etc).

Join us in the wonderful world of Restaurant Ware in the network's discussion forums. RWCN members stop by to help with requests for identification of patterns and dates of manufacture, and they generally carry on lively conversations about all things related to Restaurant Ware, whether it's about selling on eBay, identifying fraudulent china patterns and selling practices or just showing off their latest weekend finds.

As hard as it may be to believe, members do have lives outside of the RWCN, and so an answer may not be forthcoming as quickly as a question is asked. And there are many, many mystery pieces that will never be identified as well as so many stock patterns that were never given names in the first place.

We hope those of you with a burning interest in restaurant ware will join us! Please use the links in the header logo above to navigate this site.

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